Android is an operating system bought by Google and has ever since found its application in the mobile phones. Android is developer’s favorite for it is an open source platform, thus enabling them to create their design.

Niral has taken this taken advantage of this open source platform in creating its applications. We have designed applications that will soon be released in the market. We have managed to come up with applications in the following fields: Travel, Business, Fun, and Internet. We are also providing customized solutions for applications based on the requirements of our customers.

The design team at Niral has managed to create an application which keeps you updated with your PNR status, called the “My status” application. This makes it easier for the user to get his status on his mobile rather than waiting in some queue at the browsing center or rushing home to login to the site. Our team of experts provides professional advice on accessing and downloading these applications. We are also promoting software games applications which run on this platform. We are promoting our software games in free and paid editions. The only constraint with free edition is that it comes with limited features. The paid edition has all the levels and a variety of templates to choose from. Wondering what you can gift your friend? Your problem can be solved by logging onto our website to download the fun application, "Krawkle". This application instantly sends an e-card to your friend. We are planning to venture out in other fields before the end of this fiscal year.

We are also conducting weekend workshops for students who are interested in getting acquainted with Android operating systems and its applications. We will also providing them with certificates.

Note: Have changed the application name to "Krawkle" to avoid plagerism or rather patent issues.

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