IPad, also a product of Apple, is a miniature form of our laptop primarily for audio-visual media. The first few copies have made it to the market on April 2010 and have been a huge hit with the audience. It works on the same operating system, ios, as the iPhone. Using an IPad gives you an edge over laptops. The team at Niral after a through market analysis have come up with some wonderful applications that the IPad supports.

We at Niral are quite privileged to design few applications for IPad. We always believed in customer satisfaction, and our work clearly sets us apart from others in the market. We are also proud to announce that all our applications designed for IPad have been a huge success. We are coming up with applications that people can download freely and configure it accordingly.

We have designed these IPad applications using iOS, written in Java. We have a separate testing team apart from the development team that has tested these functions in the emulator against the requirements.

We have published many of our applications wherein the users can download them from the site. We have promoted our own software games which come in both the free and paid editions. The free edition has limited levels and features.

Another application which we have incorporated in IPad is our RSS feed application. Tremendous effort has been put into developing this application. The RSS application provides instant updates of all that is happening around this world. This way, you are carrying the world with you. This application comes in both paid and free edition. The free edition would be a limited edition, wherein the user would get only the crux of information. The user can enroll for paid edition for timely updates. We have also teaming up with other concern to bring out timely updates of all your film stars. Wish you could know where Kareena has got her hair painted burgundy? Well you can log on to our web-site to enroll for the paid RSS application. Also, visit our website www.niralsolutions.com and stay tuned to get more updates.

We have also conducted weekly workshop for students giving an insight into designing these applications. We also have an internship for all the pre-final year students. We would provide them with certificates at the end of their training.

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