Designed by Apple, IPhone is one of the finest multi-media enabled smartphone. There are many versions of this phone available in the market: iPhone (original), iPhone3G, iPhone3GS, and iPhone 4, and hundreds of applications supported by these versions.

We at Niral Solutions are quite privileged to design few applications for IPhone. Ours is a team of 15 members has spent quite sometime in researching about these phones. We also have a research team which spent sometime analyzing the applications available and have come up with ideas for creating new applications. Niral always believes in customer retention, and our approach towards it clearly distinguishes us from the rest. We are also proud to announce that all our applications have been appreciated. We are coming up with applications that people can download freely and configure it accordingly.

We have designed all our applications using iOS, written in objective C, and tested in the emulator. What made us choose iOS? First advantage that made us consider using iOS is that it is an open platform. Second, all applications written in this OS or Operating System is considered equal. This means that it runs the built-in applications and third party applications equally. There is no constraint to the applications you download. Third, gathering information from the web and merging data is faster using the mobile hand-set.

We have published many of our applications in the App Store, a platform where users download the applications, and many of which a huge hit among the users. We are experimenting and coming out with useful applications in the field like medicine, military, education, and games.

We have promoted our own software games, both 2d and 3d, which comes in both the free and paid editions. The free edition has limited levels and features. The paid edition has all the levels and a variety of templates to choose from.

Another application much talked about is our RSS feed application. Our web development team has done a fantastic job in creating this application. The application provides instant updates of all the games played across the world. We have released this application in month of December, around the time of FA cup. This way we made sure all the football fans could get the latest updates when their favorite team plays. This comes in both paid and free edition. The free edition would be a limited edition, wherein the user would get only the result of the match. The user can enroll for paid edition for timely updates and the entire match summary. We have a tie-up with filmics, a company which provides a complete insight into movies, where we have promoted this RSS feed application. This application would give the users all the information of their stars. We have got an overwhelming response from them.

Some of the free applications which we are providing would be scientific calculator and certain 2d games. We are planning to come up with some more applications encouraged by the response we have received. You can visit our website log on to www.niralsolutions.com and stay tuned to get more updates.

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