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Niral Solutions Inc., an established organization has significantly shown its contribution to the Java Application Development.Niral Solutions is one of the reputed organizations that has dedicated team who have an expertise in Java. Niral Solutions has developed some of the best Java Web Applications, using AJAX, XHTML, XML, DOM, JSP, EJB, Struts, Spring, and Servlets. We have published thesis on different applications that we created using java.

Applications for Technologies

J2ME is an acronym for Java 2 Platform Micro Edition a product of Sun Microsystems designed specifically for embedded systems. Mobile phone is the best example of embedded systems. Almost all mobile phones have MIDP or Mobile Information Device Profile is incorporated in them.
Well there is one important tem that you must know. It is MIDlet. MIDlets are applications written for mobile phones. The application management software maintains the MIDlet.

J2EE is an acronym for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition a product of Sun Microsystems is used for server programming. Java EE 6 is the latest version. The different components of J2EE would include classes, frameworks which play an integral role in designing the applications.

Enterprise JavaBeans or EJB is a server-side component incorporated for enterprise applications. It encapsulates the data that is exchanged between the database and the user interface.

Struts is framework that is designed and deployed in J2EE platform. It enables the user to choose from a series of tools and components thus reducing the effort that goes into finding these components.
Why should we use Struts? Struts has an Open Source license, which means you need not pay for accessing its source code. Another major advantage of using struts is that it reduces your effort while creating your application. You just need to concentrate on getting the source codes for business logic and presentation layers. This reduces your effort to code from the scratch.
Struts are platform independent which makes it easy for you to run the codes in different platforms. We have made use of struts in our RSS feed application.

Spring is an Open Source Framework that is an ideal substitute for EJB. We have unit tested our applications. The most interesting features is having these classes supported by Spring.

Servlets are classes that obey the rules of Java Servlet API. It helps the user add dynamic content to the web server. One important feature of servlet is that it generates the response depending upon the request received. We have made use of servlet in our "My status" application. The application keeps you updated with your PNR status. This makes it easier for the user to get his status on his mobile rather than waiting in some queue at the browsing center.

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