World Cities Database List

Nowadays, We get more access to this world cities and states. When this technology rocks this world, we get everything right at our desk. When we hit enter to found some of the cities or the states and the countries which we are trying to get, almost we will reach, but not the most. We do found some websites which explains you about those country, city and states. This will give access to only few of the listing what we search for. The reason, why we look for all those things is, we need everything right at the desk.

When we think about these countries, states and cities for any web/application development, it plays a main role in that. If we look those things deeply, if user logs in or signs up any forms to fill up, he/she usually checks for the country/state/city. Instead of typing those names, if they get it by form which they fill, it makes them feel more comfortable and makes it easier. Simply it’s a time consuming matter. Still we can add lot of points into that.

In this advanced world, If you look for any of the listings of country/state/city, we usually and our mouse directly points us to enter into the search engines, where in we get lots and lots.

Here produces the world city database, where you can get the listings at your PC in a fraction of moment. It provides us all the country database, state database, city database. So what you need more than that. As I said before, Everything in handy about those listings.


  • 255 Countries
  • 3188 States
  • 1358952 Cities
  • MySQL 4 or higher
  • MsSql